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Rodaje Teruel

Teruel, April 3, 2024. Since the beginning of March, the Teruel capital has hosted the filming of ‘The Tree and the Nightingale’, the first horror thriller by Zaragoza filmmaker Miguel Ángel Lamata, produced by BEMYBABY FILMS.
“It is not the first time we have made a film in Teruel, but the truth is that it is a great pleasure to return to these latitudes where we find nothing but affection, facilities and complicity,” says the filmmaker.
Regarding the plot, ‘The Tree and the Nightingale’ tells the story of Rosa Martín (Amaia Salamanca), a singer-songwriter with the stage name ‘La Ahorcada’ who commits suicide in the garden of Fran (Eduardo Noriega), the man she loved and who treated her as a mere sexual object. Her ghost stays at Fran’s mansion, refusing to be ignored and ready to teach her a lesson. Her obsession will end up turning the life of her ex-lover and her family into a living hell.
A crazy love story in the key of a horror thriller that, as Lamata himself explains, could be defined as a cross between ‘The Sixth Sense’ and ‘The Hand That Rocks the Cradle’. Without a doubt, a subject for the Zaragoza filmmaker, who seeks to “talk about the same topics that I deal with in my comedies, but from a different perspective, terror and suspense.”
The cast includes names such as Eduardo Noriega, Amaia Salamanca, Cosette Silguero, Norma Ruiz, Cristina Gállego and Veki Velilla, among others. The team has the script by Mayte Navales based on his own narration, Teo Delgado as director of photography, César Macarrón as Art Director, Arantxa Ezquerro from Zaragoza as costume manager and music by Fernando Velázquez.
Filming will continue until mid-April in Teruel and then move to the Aragonese capital.
The film is a production of BEMYBABY FILMS – their third feature film after ‘Heroes, Silence and Rock & Roll’ and ‘Our Lovers’ -, Impossible Films and The Tree and the Nightingale A.I.E. It has financing from the ICAA, Caja Rural de Teruel and CREA-SGR, the participation of RTVE, the advance financing of the FITE funds through Aragón TV and with the help of the GOVERNMENT OF ARAGON, PROVINCIAL COUNCIL OF TERUEL and CITY COUNCIL OF ZARAGOZA AND TERUEL. It will be distributed nationally and internationally by FILMAX.
Its premiere is scheduled for the end of this year at the Sitges Film Festival.

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